A School of Celli

A School of Celli is a collection of works for violoncello, piano, and strings. American virtuoso cellists Cicely Parnas and Cremaine Booker are featured individually (along with the FAMES Studio Orchestra).

This project was recorded remotely between December 2020 and September 2021 in Minneapolis, Dallas, Miami, and Skopje, North Macedonia, with the mixing and mastering completed by John Rodd in Los Angeles.

Music Composed by Iain Samuel Kelso
Violoncello: Cicely Parnas, Cremaine Booker
String Section: FAMES Studio Orchestra
Piano, VI Programming: Iain Samuel Kelso
Mixed and Mastered by John Rodd
Cover Artwork by Raphido
Cover Design by Warm Butter Design

Cicely ParnasCremaine Booker