Iain Samuel Kelso (ASCAP) is a Miami based composer originally from Thunder Bay, Canada. He is an alumnus of the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop (Los Angeles) and his film scoring efforts include the popular Canadian children’s movie The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens (2008), its sequel Billy Owens and the Secret of the Runes (2010), and the super-natural thriller Jacob (2014) starring Larry Wade Carrell and Michael Biehn.

Kelso’s formal musical education began at the age of nine with the study of violin; and later clarinet, piano, violoncello, and contrabass. His orchestral work was first professionally debuted by the TBSO when he was 16. Although he studied music in university post-secondary, Kelso earned his degrees in geology.

Messages from the Andes (2024)Quiet Musing (2023)A School of Celli (2021)
Stargazing (2021)World War (2016)Jacob (2014)

Kelso's work "Through the White Horses" is featured in the trailer for Pinocchio (2020). Music published by Studio Fontána & Warner Chappell Music, Inc.