Making Contact: Messages from the Andes

Making Contact: Messages from the Andes,” directed by filmmaker Mark McNabb, chronicles the journey of Peruvian researcher and extraterrestrial enthusiast Ricardo González Corpancho. Joining him are UFO investigators Rob Freeman, Paola Harris, Bill Crowley, and Giorgio Piacenza as they embark on an odyssey from the foothills of the Huascarán mountain to the mystical summit of the Marcahuasi stone forest.

The evocative and ethereal musical score features Colombian quenist Ómar Flórez de Armas and was recorded December 2022 and January 2023 in Bogotá, Colombia, and Miami, with mastering completed by John Rodd in Los Angeles.

Music Composed by Iain Samuel Kelso
Quena / Quenacho: Ómar Flórez de Armas
Recording Engineer: Ricardo Gomez, Estudio 501
VI Programming: Iain Samuel Kelso
Mastered by John Rodd
Cover Design by Warm Butter Design

Making Contact: Messages from the AndesÓmar Flórez de Armas